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As a result of almost 30 years battling the incurable, autoimmune Crohn's Disease, I have been hospitalized over 200 Times & endured approximately 20 major surgeries. Through these diverse interactions with the Healthcare system, I have accumulated a wealth of information & experience and with the emergence of various “Health Care Social Media” platforms, I am now able to share my knowledge with folks all around the world to help them (and ME!) cope with, and manage, all types of chronic illnesses. I initially documented my battles with Crohn’s Disease in my critically-acclaimed and FUNNY 2001 Book, "Confessions of a Professional Hospital Patient.” I presently routinely contribute to my Blog at and produce the YouTube series, “The Medical Minute.” These written and video entries are often picked up by various publications for broadcast around the world. I also have a syndicated radio segment called, “The Patient Perspective.” All in all, it makes me feel good to try and help others facing similar situations I am up against.

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